It is my pleasure to warmly welcome students, faculty, and members of the university community to SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies Library.

SDD-UBIDS Library is the Heart of the University and an epitome of knowledge in this premier University, it supports teaching, learning and research needs of the University community through the provision of highly quality and relevant information resources and services. Attaching importance to your Academic and Research Work is one of our core mandates, we therefore put in all effort to address user’s information and Research needs.

UBIDS Library is well stocked with both print and electronic collections such as Books, Databases and E-resources, which are purchased by the University Library to help augment and enhance teaching, learning and research of users. We entreat users to fully utilize our wide range of services and products in quest for academic excellence.

Importantly, we have dedicative, supportive, responsible, hardworking and humble staff that avails themselves at all times to address your information needs. Therefore, do not hesitate to approach or contact any Library staff in quest for academic success. Note that, your feedback or suggestion will help us to improve on our services and products to serve you better.

Thank You.

Franklina Adjoa Yebowaah