In the pursuit of excellence and the advancement of student interests, the SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies, Student Representative Council (UBIDS SRC) has tirelessly dedicated itself to fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus community. Rooted in the principles of representation, advocacy, and service, the UBIDS SRC stands as a beacon of student empowerment and engagement.

We initially established our own institution and subsequently expanded to many locations in the area, including several strategically chosen offices in Ghana.
In order to address these issues, suggestions have been presented to alleviate the pressing challenges now faced by our university.

The projected date for reopening the university for the 2023–2024 academic year was November 6, 2023.
While examining the situation of students who have completed their Practical Training Programme and will be returning to school without having to pay for hostel fees, meals, and personal expenses.
Therefore, an average student such as myself will face significant challenges in dealing with this situation, and our ability to focus on academic tasks will decline rapidly with each passing minute.
The SRC Secretariat has issued a letter explaining the reasons behind the need for the move. The academic board unanimously approved the proposal. As a result, students were allowed to resume their studies and return to campus, providing them with a sense of tranquility.

With the backing of the President-Elect’s office, we were able to provide support to students who dwell in faraway areas and have access to reliable and convenient transportation to their towns and desired destinations.
The SRC Transport Committee was dispatched to the Nandom, Lawra, and Lambussie areas to arrange transportation for the Level 200 students returning to campus. Buses were organised to ensure their safe return. We express our gratitude for the successful outcome thus far.

The SRC collaborated with other private hostel units to facilitate the acquisition of hostels and accommodations for first- and second-year students who were unable to secure a place in the four traditional halls of the university due to restricted availability.

The SRC Upon assuming office, I prompted management to address the issue of fees. Specifically, I expressed concern about the annual increments, which were causing disruption, and proposed using a flat rate structure instead. It has been reliably determined that there are no plans to raise the fees for the 2023–2024 academic year. The fees will remain the same as the previous year, unless otherwise decided by parliament.
According to the current temporary fees that we are utilising, it is indicated as such. The aggregate fees for all undergraduate students, except those studying law, amount to 1904.95.
Students enrolled in the education programme are required to pay a professional levy, which covers the cost of their teaching practice. Students in the School of Business are responsible for paying Industrial Attachment Levies, while students in the Faculty of Planning and Land Management and the Faculty of Public Policy and Governance are required to pay Main Jury Levies.
However, colleges such as the Faculty of Information Communication and Technology, the Faculty of Social Science and Arts, and the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies, as well as all level 400 students, are required to pay the amount of 1904.95.

The competent vice president, with the assistance of the executive committee, successfully organised a career seminar with important leaders that had a positive impact on our student community. We commend her for taking the initiative.

The SRC, in partnership with Philex IT, has enrolled students in courses as part of its campus welcome.

On the contrary, the SRC had a plan to reopen the market. Although the buying and selling element was not satisfactory, the implementation of fee payment, E-Zwitch Card registration, and other financial services on campus was successful. The majority of students have stopped going to town to pay fees due to the inconvenience of queuing and the cost of transportation. Fidelity Bank, GT Bank, Data Bank, and other institutions are facilitating this new approach, which is being well-received. We want to continue offering this service until a large number of students have availed themselves of it.
The SRC has implemented the production of souvenirs to promote the SRC and the university for official purposes.
Students are urged to contribute financially towards purchasing these mementos to elevate the university’s standing to the highest level.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) contacted the Ayalolo firm to assist with transporting our students between the first and second trimesters. Regrettably, the company responded by stating that they just conducted a trial run for promotional purposes, and our students do not appear to be interested in using their buses. It seems that the company’s primary goal is to generate profit. The SRC transport committee will explore several avenues to enhance the comfort of our students on campus.

The Vodafone data SIM card initiative is an advantageous policy specifically designed to assist students. Nevertheless, a considerable proportion of students express daily grievances regarding the complete absence of data, which has become a concerning matter for the executive. We have made efforts to contact them, and the issue persists. During the initial executive council meeting, the research committee presents their results to the executives, who then take prompt action based on those findings.

Protection, safety, and measures taken to prevent harm or unauthorised access to something.
The SRC is cognizant of the ongoing incidents of motorbike theft and other illicit activities.
We have notified the Head of Security at Ubids, as well as the police and the school cadet. They have assured us of their assistance and commitment to reducing the problem. Nevertheless, they emphasised the need for students to be vigilant about their own security, since individuals bear the primary responsibility for safeguarding themselves prior to relying on security measures.

The police will maintain their night patrol squad, while the cadets and campus security will take charge during the day.

The beneficiaries have not yet received payment, and the Scholarship Committee is actively working to ensure prompt disbursement while also preparing to offer fresh spots for potential applicants.

SRC has successfully hunted in a letter to the Registrar and booked an appointment to discuss and suggest the collaboration of UBIDS with International Scholarship secretariats and other bodies interested in assisting higher education for Africans. This initiative seeks to give opportunity to UBIDS students who graduate with second class upper or better to further their higher education overseas in partner universities.

SRC has successfully negotiated with management to subsidize the cost in the healthcare delivery at the school’s clinic for student, the high billing of students who seek healthcare at the clinic is worrisome. This initiative will help students to seek healthcare with ease.


I present our forthcoming plans for the administration, some of which may be subject to modification, while others may arise as we make our contribution towards the advancement of our institution.

SRC Programmes and Projects for 2023/2024 Budget.

  1. MaCDan Youth Connect
  2. UBIDS Cultural day
  3. Life after School/Capacity Building/Leadership
  4. UBIDS Clean Up exercise every month – Health and Safety Committee.
  5. SRC Website for pasco and Accomodations relief box
  6. Mechanized Boreholes for Traditional Halls
  7. Street Lights initiative
  8. Scholarships
  9. Motor Lockers: a private security company wrote to the Registrar to get a contract to always protect our motorbikes with lockers such that the canker of theft cases will be a thing of the past. SRC buys into the idea and is going all out to ensure that this initiative is materialized.
  10.  Lover Bench
  11. Renewal of SRC Office
  12. Customized podiums
  13. Amplifiers, Wireless Cords for classes.
  14. IT Tutorial in Collaboration with Youth Parliament and National Youth Authority
  15.  Sports
  16. The sports chair is working tirelessly with the school’s coach to get a befitting basic football pitch for the school.