The disciplines of Mathematics and Statistics are vital since their applications permeate almost all fields; economics, sociology, science, business, technology and meteorology among others. Decision ­makers in industry and policy makers in governments rely greatly on data to provide important insights to socio-economic challenges locally and internationally to inform decisions, policies and interventions.

The Department of Applied Statistics against this background was created not only to develop the skills of individuals in terms of building capacity at appropriate research skills, but to also carry out research targeted at unearthing relevant information to inform policies for national development. The Department targets to embark on a series of workshops and trainings on the use of various statistical software among others, and to collaborate with other departments and institutions to carry out interdisciplinary research on critical developmental issues.

The Department, created in the year 2022, is the youngest of the six departments under the Faculty of Social Science and Arts with Dr. Ishaque Mahama as the foundation Head of Department. Currently headed by Dr. Lea Anzagra, the Department runs two programs, thus, Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Social Statistics with plans of introducing Bachelor of Science, Post Graduate Diploma, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of in Philosophy in Applied Statistics as well as Social Statistics. The Department has staff strength of five academic staffs and one administrative staff.

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Research Interests

  • Mathematical and Statistical modeling aimed at improving the accuracy of research results to provide accurate insights for decision-­making in industry and governance geared towards tackling socio-economic challenges.
  • Developing skills in machine learning to enhance modeling and simulation. This involves incorporating statistics, probability and uncertainty modeling into machine learning to execute statistical computations involving large scale complex models and analysis of big data.
  • Modeling the spread of infectious and non-infectious diseases and their associated risk factors among others.

The main areas of research focus are

  • Statistics in Business and Economics
  • Health and biostatistics
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Machine Learning

Course Details

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Job Prospects

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Staff Name Qualifications Position/Rank
Dr. Mahama Ishaque Ph.D (University for Development Studies, Tamale);

MPhil. (University of Ghana, Legon);

BSc. (University of Cape Coast, Ghana.).

Senior Lecturer
Dr. Lea Anzagra Ph.D (University for Development Studies, Tamale);

MSc. (University for Development Studies, Tamale);

BSc. (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)

Senior Lecturer
Dr. Mustapha Adams Ph.D (University of Cape Coast, Ghana);

MSc. (University for Development Studies, Tamale);

BSc. (University for Development Studies, Tamale)