About FSSA

The Faculty of Social Science and Arts (FSSA) is made up of five departments: Department of Economics, Department of Geography, Department of Sociology & Social Work, Department of History & Political Science, and Department of Modern Languages & Diasporan Studies. The academic programmes of the Faculty are diverse and varied, including economics, geography, sociology, social work, social and development administration, political science, history, modern languages, and diasporan studies.  Our programmes are grounded in a rigorous, broad-based social science and arts curriculum that develops students’ knowledge, analytical abilities, research skills, and creativity. Currently, the Faculty is working on introducing degree programmes in social statistics, and conflict studies, which are rigorous and will encourage independent/critical thinking and research.
The main objective of FSSA is to offer an intellectual platform to international scholars and it aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in social science and arts. The Faculty shall advance the objectives of each of its departments by the following specific objectives:

  1. To create synergy for interdisciplinary teaching, learning, and research in social sciences and arts;
  2. To provide faculty and students with skills in its various fields to contribute to the development needs of the country;
  3. To establish and promote international networks of social sciences and arts; and
  4. To enhance the sharing of human, financial, and material resources.

In keeping with the mission of the Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies, FSSA promotes a student-centered approach in teaching, keeping our education standards high, and providing career guidance to our students. These activities offer students the opportunities to internalise the classroom experience.
In its teaching and research, the Faculty´s academic standards are continuously challenged to keep pace with those of its partners both local and international. The Faculty is undergoing constant development. The aim is to link teaching to research carried out in the individual departments. Courses offered are thus, continually enriched by the latest findings in basic and applied research in the social sciences and arts. Faculty members publish regularly in international journals, present at international conferences, and publish books and monographs. They are also active in international research networks and projects. The Faculty is currently working to host international conferences, which would provide space for discussion of the latest findings in the social sciences and arts.