About FIDS

On behalf of our unique faculty and staff, I welcome you to the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies (FIDS) of the Simon Diedong University of Business and Integrated Development Studies, Wa, Upper West Region of Ghana. As the pioneer Faculty of the then Wa Campus of the University for Development Studies, over two decades FIDS has made significant strides in developing and designing academic programmes, which are well suited for the ever-changing needs of industry. An outstanding quality of the bouquet of programmes that FIDS offers is its interdisciplinary nature. Imbibing knowledge and skills from selected core integrated disciplines of development studies, makes students pursuing FIDS’s programmes more versatile and effective in the current global working environment, which requires workers with broad-based knowledge and multi-skills.

Above and beyond exposing our cherished students to interdisciplinary study and thought, all our students participate in a well-tailored and rigorous Third Trimester Field Practical Programme – a problem-based approach to development as well as a Development Communication Industrial Attachment Programme. These programmes afford students the opportunity to live in communities and conduct research over an extended period, which not only impacts significantly in their learning outcomes, but also the research reports they generate facilitate the work of development partners, government agencies and non-governmental organisations in Ghana, particularly those working in rural communities. In local and international circles, you will find our competent and highly qualified faculty making substantial contributions to scholarship and to development at various levels.

Across industry and academia, FIDS has trained thousands of graduates whose important contributions to development at national and international levels is an eloquent testimony to the excellence the faculty attaches to its programmes. It is therefore not surprising that currently some departments in the faculty have partnership programmes with international organisations such as UNICEF and Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Visit our website to find out more about who we are and what we stand for and be inspired and motivated to join/collaborate with us in mutually beneficial ways in broadening the frontiers of knowledge for the good of society. Do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact details provided if you need more information about us.

Asso. Prof. Africanus Lewil Diedong

(Dean, FIDS)