Core Values

The Directorate aligns with the Core Values of the University.

Excellence: SDD-UBIDS is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services through dedication, continuous improvement and focus on client needs.

Innovation: SDD-UBIDS encourages its staff and students to constantly trust their ability to be critical and creative and to persist in finding new solutions to problems with their workshop.

Integrity: SDD-UBIDS seeks to pursue honesty, fairness, and strong moral values in its decision-making processes and professional work.

Collaboration: SDD-UBIDS endeavours to interact and work together with other individuals, groups and organisations with recognisable strengths to achieve a collective goal and promote leadership and growth.

Sustainability: SDD-UBIDS desires to demonstrate a strong ability to sustain its teaching, learning and research programmes by actively ensuring the protection, enhancement, and preservation of its human, social, economic and environmental resources to maximise their benefits.

Professionalism:  SDD-UBIDS strives to succeed in its mission by adhering to high ethical principles and professional standards that are consistent with its mandate.

Transparency and Accountability: SDD-UBIDS seeks to promote transparency and accountability by ensuring that information about its processes and outputs is easily accessible to all stakeholders.

Inclusiveness: SDD-UBIDS seeks to create an environment that respects and embraces diversity and provides equal opportunity to all.