Guidelines for Submission of Research Proposals for External Grants and Engagement in Consultancy Services

The Directorate of Research, Innovation, and Consultancy (DRIC) encourages all SDD-UBIDS staff to actively seek and apply for external grants for research and related activities while participating in consultancy services.

Therefore, any proposals intended for external funding or a consultancy service of any kind must undergo an institutional review and approval process through the DRIC before submission to external funders or clients. This procedure applies universally to all proposals seeking external funding, even in cases where a funder or sponsor does not explicitly require the endorsement or submission by an authorized official. This also applies to joint research or consultancy-related collaborations or consortiums of which a UBIDS staff is a member.

These guidelines aim to provide clear instructions regarding the documents and information required by DRIC to commence the institutional review of any proposal or support same (see Templates 1A, 1B, 1C, & 1D). Documents could be submitted electronically via email to or in hard copy.

To submit a research grant application or proposal to deliver a consultancy service, applicants must adhere to the following steps:

Step Action Timelines Form/Document
Step 1 Submit a letter of intent to DRIC showing your interest to submit a proposal/application At least, 20 business days before the deadline Letter of intent (use template 1A)
Step 2 Submit a Concept Note to the DRIC At least, 15 business days before the deadline Not more than 2 pages (use template 1B or 1C)
Step 3 Complete and submit a research/consultancy support form to the DRIC At least, 10 business days before the deadline Not more than 2 pages (use template 1D)
Step 4 Submit a copy of the final proposal/application to the DRIC At least, 5 business days before the deadline All required documents

 Download Templates 1A-1D

Note: DRIC is aware some calls may be received at short notice and may require adjustments