Vision Statement

To be a leading centre of excellence in research, innovation, and consultancy, driving transformative solutions and advancements that empower our institution and society at large.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate, support, and lead research endeavours, foster innovation, and deliver expert consulting services. We aim to create an ecosystem that encourages curiosity, exploration, and knowledge application for the betterment of our institution and broader communities. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, ethics, and impact in all our activities.


The Directorate aims to:

  1. cultivate a culture of research excellence by providing resources, guidance, and incentives for faculty and students to engage in high-quality research.
  2. offer consulting services to clients, leveraging the expertise of faculty and staff to address real-world challenges.
  3. establish partnerships and collaborations with industry, government, and other institutions to enhance research and innovation opportunities.
  4. assist researchers in securing grants and funding by identifying, applying for, and managing research grants and awards.
  5. promote the dissemination of research outcomes through publications, conferences, and community engagement to ensure the widest possible impact.
  6. promote ethical and responsible research practices, including compliance with research ethics and data management standards.
  7. provide training and professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to enhance research and innovation capabilities.