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The Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD-UBIDS) is situated in the Upper West Regional capital, Wa, in the North-Western part of Ghana. While the main Campus of the University is in Wa, the Act also makes provision for other Campuses to be in other locations. The Region is bordered to the North and the West by Burkina Faso, to the South by Northern Region, and to the East by Upper East Region. The Region is divided into eleven (11) municipal and district assemblies and has a total land area of 18,476 sq. km (GSS, 2020). It has a population density of 47 people per sq. km making it one of the sparsely populated regions in the country. With a population of 132,646, Wa Municipal accounts for 15.3 percent of the population of the Region. The principal tribes in the region are Dagaaba, Sisaala and Waala.

In terms of climate, it shares a lot in common with the Northern, Upper East and the newly created regions of Savannah and North-East. It has a single rainy season which starts in April and ends in October with an annual rainfall ranging from 750 mm to 1050 mm. Temperatures also vary significantly in the Region with night temperatures going as low as 15oC during the harmattan season and daytime temperatures as high as 40oC during the dry season. The main economic activity in the Region is agriculture engaging about 72.8 percent of the economically active population (GSS, 2013).  This makes the siting of the University, which is Business and Integrated Development oriented in the Region of strategic importance, as it will contribute immensely to the development of the livelihoods of the people.