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The Directorate of Works and Municipal Services is responsible for providing and maintaining physical infrastructure, including buildings, plant, machinery, utilities, roads, byways, grounds and gardens of the University, whether owned, leased or otherwise controlled or possessed by the University, wherever situated.

As a Directorate in the University, there is the need for a work structure (organogram) that will coordinate the activities and also allow workflow of the Directorate and define assigned roles, responsibilities, reporting, and communication lines to help the Directorate work effectively and efficiently to respond to its mandate.

The new work structure proposes a three-tier management system-Departments, Sections and Units.

The Directorate operates with four departments and two supporting departments (administrative and accounts) to harness both human and material resources effectively to meet the demands of stakeholders.

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Our Structure

The Structure of the Organogram

The Three-Tier Systems of Management are as follows; Departments, Sections and Units. The four Departments comprises of;

  • Physical Planning and Development
  • Quantity surveying
  • Works and maintenance
  • Estates management

These Departments coordinates all Sections and Units of the Directorate.

The Physical Planning and Development has Four (4) Main Sections.

Physical Planning and Development is established to systematically harness and effectively make use of resources, knowledge, technical abilities and practices to plan, design, manage and execute a project by meeting defined goals and objectives under specific requirements. The Department has the mandate to transform available project inputs into desired outputs by consuming available resources judiciously,

  • Civil/ Structural Engineering Design Section:
  • Architectural design
  • Land surveying
  • Electrical/mechanical engineering design

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying Department keeps a close eye on project finances and contractual relationships. The Department ensures that the financial position of construction projects is accurately reported and controlled effectively. It manages the contractual relationships between the various parties involved in any particular building project. This Department is responsible for managing all aspects of the contractual and financial side of construction projects. It helps to ensure that construction project is completed within its projected budget.

This section performs quantity surveying activities for projects and maintenance works.

  • Pre-Contract unit
  • Post- Contract Unit

Works and Maintenance

The Department is responsible for the initiation, control, management and administration of all development and maintenance activities of the University facilities including academic, non-academic, residential, halls of residence and other supporting structures to facilitate the enhancement and promotion of quality service delivery.

There are three (3) Sections in the Department with three Units.

The Sections are;

Civil engineering utilities and general building section

  • Road unit
  • Carpentry unit
  • Metal Works Unit
  • Electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning section
  • Water Works section

Estates Management

The Department is responsible for the overall Estate management and efficient functioning of the University properties with respect to academic, non-academic, residential and student accommodations. It engages and works with all other sections of the Directorate to ensure that the integrity of the estate is maintained and statutory obligations met. The prompt provision of reliable and efficient services enhances the environment for quality teaching and learning experiences.

There are five (5) Sections in the Department with two Units.

The sections are;

  • Environmental graphics and information design section
  • Environmental health and safety section
  • Grounds and gardens section
  • Horticulture unit
  • Landscaping unit
  • Valuation/ facility management section
  • Billing section (Water, telecom and electricity)

These are two supporting Departments for the Directorate;


The Administration is a representation of the General Administration of the SDD-UBIDS. The representative of the Registrar’s office attached to the Directorate has a significant administrative and management role to play. The Office is the operational engine of the Directorate and requires such theoretical knowledge and skills of Junior/Assistant Registrar to administer and manage activities. It employs excellent technical, analytical, problem-solving, communication, consultative and multitasking skills to perform effectively. The Registrar’s Office coordinates with Divisions, Sections and Units to ensure effective service delivery.

  • General Administration section
  • Documentation section

Accounts Office

The Accounting Section is responsible for recording and reporting cash flow transactions of the Directorate. The Section is responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, financial reporting, and maintaining financial control systems for effective and progressive functioning of the Directorate. The Section functions are to control and manage financial discipline, establish mechanisms for internal income generation and prepare periodic financial statements/reports.

  • Budget
  • General Accounting
  • Allocated stores


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