As stated in the University’s mission, it is expected to use ICT to deliver quality teaching, learning, development-oriented problem-solving research, and creative practical training to qualified and capable persons and institutions.

The Directorate of Information Management Services is responsible for providing and maintaining the ICT infrastructure of the University, wherever situated.

The Directorate of Information Management Services is responsible for the following:

  • provide leadership for the development of a progressive IMS environment within the University and all distance learning centres;
  • develop programmes and schedules that include privacy and security oversight for academic and administrative information processes, and computer services to meet the goals and objectives of the University;
  • develop, direct and manage all computing and IMS strategic plans of the University;
  • oversee the development of the University’s investments in IT;
  • oversee the design and facilitate the integration of sound ICT architecture, technology standards and best practices for the University;
  • ensure the identification and installation of appropriate and progressive IT infrastructure that can support administration, and enhance teaching and research;
  • oversee the development, design and implementation of new applications and changes to existing computer systems and software packages; and
  • advise senior management on strategic systems conversions and integration in support of institutional goals and objectives.

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