It the saying goes ‘charity begins at home’. The SDD-UBIDS Research and Development Conference 2022 offers an unparalleled opportunity for us to earnestly begin to fulfil our mandate as a university to using research to address challenges faced by Ghanaians in general. In this regard, the Organising Committee has settled on the theme: ‘Leveraging applied research in higher education to address contemporary developmental issues’ and is calling on all colleagues, academic and non-academic, to submit individual or joint abstracts for paper presentations or attend the conference as non-presenters. It is clear that participation in conferences is a key requirement for promotion of Senior Members. What better opportunity is there than to save money on travel and accommodation costs and participate in this year’s conference in your own backyard? Abstracts of completed papers or works-in-progress may be submitted.

For postgraduate students, learning and experiential opportunities presented by this conference are enormous: they may co-present papers with their supervisors or do it alone. An entire day is dedicated to a Postgraduate Workshop to assist in your MPhil or PhD studies, covering pertinent issues in research that will clarify your doubts in various areas: problem definition/statement, posing good research questions, literature review, methodological issues (qualitative and quantitative designs, etc). Further, we have poster presentation exclusively for postgraduate intended assist you with constructive feedback to improve your work for conferences/seminars/workshops.