As part of the arrangement for the 2021-22 First Trimester Examinations, each student is required to have a student ID card that will be used for authorizing and verifying your entry into the exam room, and without which you will not be allowed to write the exams.

The Directorate IMS has begun issuing these cards and will require students to upload or update their pictures on their student portals to meet the requirements below. If your uploaded picture already meets these requirements, you maintain it. This must be done by students on or before Thursday, 14th of April, 2022.

Passport Picture Requirements

  1. Picture can be taken with any device but must be a square-sized passport photograph, you can crop from your device. Let someone assist you and look professional as you can.
  2. Picture background must be plain white, off white and grey or any plain white background
    3. Be sure your name and program in your student profile/dashboard are correct. Those with incorrect details can send them with evidence to or Evidence can be your Ghana Card or Admission letter.

    Instructions for upload of pictures unto portal

1.Go to student portal at

  1. Log in using your student credentials
  2. At the welcome page, click on student profile/dashboard
  3. Click on Upload Profile Picture, if there is already a picture, click on update profile picture and attach the right picture to upload.

ID Card Status

You can check the status of your ID card at the student profile/dashboard. ID cards will be printed and submitted to your Faculty for pick up. Use your student profile/dashboard to check your status. All cards will be ready before your exams.


Please note that to enable us to print your cards, you must be a registered student and your status marked active.