West African School for Sustainable Rural Transformation (WAC-SRT)


Programme Outline

Important Notes:

Arrival/Settlement: Saturday-Sunday, 20th -21st July 2021

Lectures: Daily Lectures from 9.00 am –12.00 noon and 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Daily Break Time: 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm each day

First Lecture- Starts Thursday, 22nd July 2021

Week 1 Introduction to sustainable development and rural development Lead Person(s)
Day1 Morning: Registration, Opening Ceremony & logistics 22.07.21 Dr. Elias Kuusaana/Evan Samwini
Day1 Afternoon: Introduction to Sustainable Transformation 22.07.21 Prof. Emmanuel K Derbile
Day 2: Holiday – Prayers, Excursion around Wa Municipality/Market 23.07.21 Gladys Aapagr & Evans Samwini
Day 3 Weekend and self-studies 24.07.21 Students
Day 4 Weekend and self-studies 25.07.21 Students
Day 5 Dimensions/Practice of Sustainable Development 26.07.21 Prof. Emmanuel K Derbile
Day 6 Introduction to Sustainable Rural Development/Approaches 27.07.21 Dr. Kwabena Badu-Yeboah
Day 7 Lecture from a Development Practitioner: Sustainable/Rural Development Experience – An NGO Perspective 28.07.21 Mr. Daniel Banuoko, CIKOD


Week 2 Socio-political dimensions and rural development Lead Person(s)
Day 8 Culture, Indigenous Knowledge and Rural Development 29.07.21 Prof. David Millar
Day 9 Governance, Decentralization and Rural Development 30.07.21 Prof. Mohammed Sulemana
Day 10 Weekend and self-studies 31.07.21 Students
Day 11 Weekend and self-studies 01.08.21 Students
Day 12 Strategic Planning and Sustainable Rural Development 02.08.21 Dr. Bernard Akanbang
Day 13 Visit to the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) & Wa Municipal Assembly

–  Presentation on the RCC and its role in decentralization/local governance

–  Presentation on the Wa Municipal Assembly& its Planning and development functions in rural development.


03.08.21 Dr. Elias Kuusaana & Evans Samwini
Day 14 Excursion to Jirapa Municipal Visit to Jirapa Municipal Assembly

–  Visit to Wulli Mushroom rocks

–  Pool site ‘Music Party’ at Royal Cosy-Hills Hotel (Jirapa Dubai)


04.08.21 Dr. Elias Kuusaana & Evans Samwini

Week 3 Agriculture and sustainable rural transformation and development Lead Person(s)
Day 15 Resource Economics and Rural Development 05.08.21 University for Development Studies
Day 16 Agriculture commercialization and value chains 06.08.21 University for Development Studies
Day 17 Weekend and self-studies 07.08.21 Students
Day 18 Weekend and self-studies 08.08.21 Students
Day 19 Lecture from a Development Practitioner – Agriculture technology and innovations for Sustainable food security 09.08.21 Executive Director of ProNet North, Mr. Martin Dery


Day 20 Climate Change and Climate Change Response (Mitigation & Adaptation) for Sustainable Rural Transformation


10.08.21 University of Abdou Moumouni
Day 21 Multiple dynamics of Farmer – Herder Conflicts and Sustainable Agriculture Development


11.08.21 Dr. Elias Kuusaana
Day 22 ICT for Sustainable Rural Transformation & Development 12.08.21 Mr. Ophelius Yinyeh, Director ICT
Day 23 Renewable Energy, Rural Transformation & Development 13.08.21 University of Abdou Moumouni


Week 4 Environment and sustainable rural development/professional training Lead Person(s)
Day 24 Weekend and self-studies 14.08.21 Students
Day 25 Weekend and self-studies 15.08.21 Students
Day 26 Proposal & Academic Writing 16.08.21 Dr. Wolfram Laube
Day 27 Economic and Sociological perspectives of rural transformation 17.08.21 Dr. Wolfram Laube & Michael Ayamga


Day 28 Preparations for Closing Ceremony 18.08.21 All students & Coordinators
Day 29 Closing Ceremony 19.08.21 All participants & Guests
Day 30 Excursion to Mole National Park – Natural Resource Conservation & Management/Departure 20.08.21 All students & Coordinators