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Steps for Online Registration

Freshmen L100, L200 – Diploma & Degrees, Postgraduates, Continuing UBIDS L200, L300 & Postgradautes
Continuing Students – L300 & L400 Diploma & Degrees

See detailed steps below – toggle by clicking on the + to open your required procedure.

You need to have paid your Scheduled School fees by 50% before you can begin your registration. Check the fees schedule page here. Online registration will start Tuesday, November 16th 2021

SDD-UBIDS First Years, Second and 3 year, Students’ Registration Process in outlined steps and pictures

  1. Log at mis.ubids.edu.gh in using your student’s ID as indicated in your admissions letter. Use the default password ubids2020. If you cannot log in please go to the issue/complaint form to fill the form and it will be rectified as soon as possible.
    Login here
    Submit Issue here

Registration login page_UBIDS

  1. When you successfully log in, it will automatically take you to your account where you can update the password.

Registration Password reset_UBIDS

  1. Go to the registration rules and regulations link to read the modalities before you start the registration process.

Registration Password reset_UBIDS

  1. Next, go to registration link at your left sidebar. This will show you your permanent student ID and other student details such as name and academic year.

Main Registration_UBIDS 2

  1. Click on show the “program details” button and it will display your program as shown in your admissions letter and a list of core courses. You can add an elective course(s) to the courses table by going to “add course” button, selecting the course and clicking “add”. Please, if in doubt of your elective course(s), you may verify with your department, faculty or school. You cannot register below or above the minimum or maximum credit limits

Show Program Details_UBIDS

Add course_UBIDS

Add course main_UBIDS

  1. The fees table will show your fee details and whether you have made payments or not, if your outstanding amount is 0, then you can register for your program if not you may have to clear your balance. If you have fully paid your fees and it is not reflecting, please fill the complaint or issue form by scanning and uploading your deposit slip through the form and accounts office will have it rectified.


  1. Click on “Register for this Trimester” button to register. Then click on the download proof of registration to get the pdf of your proof of registration. Alternatively, you can go to the sidebar to your left and click on proof of registration to get it.

Final Registration point_UBIDS

  1. Save your proof of registration document in pdf, print it and send to your faculty for verification to complete the registration process.

Proof of Registration

Download Proof of Registration

UDS Level 300 and Level 400 are expected to register on your UDS student portal