The meeting was held on Monday, May 20, 2024, at 11:04 a.m. in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor to present an award to the Vice-Chancellor. Attendees included Prof. Emmanuel K. Derbile (Vice-Chancellor), Mr. Job Asante (Registrar), Prof. Stanley Dary (Director of the Directorate of University Relations), Mr. Fidelis Z. Tang (Director of University Relations), Mr. Mohammed Dombo (Assistant Registrar, DCOBI), Miss Mariama Suleman (Assistant Registrar, UR), and Mr. Romold Balabuoro (Accountant, DoF). The SDD-UBIDS Team, who/which participated in the KIC AgriTech Challenge Pro Competition for the 2023 Cohort, was also present. This team consisted of Baba Bayong Dinwiisi (Team Lead), Mariam Amidu (Administration Lead), David Vifah (Marketing and Communication Lead), and Abdul-Samad Abdallah (Finance Lead).

The Vice-Chancellor welcomed the team to his office following an introduction by Mr. Tang. Prof. Dary then informed the Vice-Chancellor that the SDD-UBIDS Team had emerged as winners.

The Vice-Chancellor congratulated the team for their participation in the first phase of the contest, emphasizing that the award signified hard work. He expressed his appreciation for the project’s progress and encouraged the team to continue working diligently. He highlighted on the importance of sharing their stories within the university community and beyond. Additionally, he expressed his satisfaction that the project was being managed directly by the Directorate of Community Outreach and Business Incubation, noting that it is expected to enhance the business incubation aspect of the Directorate.

The team leader expressed the team’s gratitude to Management for the opportunity to represent SDD-UBIDS, he thanked Prof. Dary and his Administrator and the Accountant for their support. He explained that their project involved an innovative method for applying fertilizer without using hands thereby improving the health of farmers. The device, he said, is designed to release the exact quantity of fertilizer needed for plants.

After demonstrating how the fertilizer is applied, the Vice-Chancellor commended the team and Prof. Stanley and his team for their commitment and enthusiasm in ensuring the project’s success. He advised the team to manage the project diligently and use their expertise to help the university build more capacity and train more students in the area. He wished them success in their future endeavours.

The Vice-Chancellor stated that grantsmanship plays a significant role in community extension and the growth of the university. The Registrar encouraged the team to continue working hard. Prof. Dary highlighted that the SDD-UBIDS team, despite being social science students with no agricultural background, had excelled in the competition, demonstrating their capabilities.

The Vice-Chancellor added that SDD-UBIDS offers integrated programs that equip students with essential knowledge across various academic disciplines. He commended the team once again and wished them success in their future endeavours.