The esteemed office of the Vice-Chancellor of the Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD-UBIDS) on May 9, 2024 hosted Hon. Dr. Rashid Hassan Pelpuo, Member of Parliament for Wa Central and President of the African Parliamentarian Forum. Hon. Dr. Pelpuo and his entourage paid a special visit to congratulate Professor Emmanuel K. Derbile on his recent appointment.

Celebrating Progress and Acknowledging Challenges

During the visit, Hon. Dr. Rashid expressed his pleasure at the university’s progress, especially noting the significance of SDD-UBIDS gaining autonomy to become a full-fledged university. He praised Professor Derbile’s exceptional achievements, which played a crucial role in his appointment as the University’s Second Vice-Chancellor. Hon. Dr. Rashid commended Prof. Derbile for his good leadership and highlighted some development potential for the growth of the University.

A Unified Effort for a Brighter Future

Hon. Dr. Rashid emphasised the importance of collaborative efforts to bridge the current state of the University with its ambitious goals. He encouraged all stakeholders to support the Vice-Chancellor build a U/university that will leave a lasting legacy for future generations. His visit was marked by expressions of goodwill and hopes for a prosperous tenure for Prof. Emmanuel K. Derbile.

Vice-Chancellor’s Appreciation and some Plans Shared

In acknowledging the support and felicitations extended, the Vice-Chancellor shared some sentiments, indicating that such milestones were the fruits of collective endeavours.  He graciously divulged some of his visionary plans for the University’s growth to the esteemed guest, emphasizing the need for an environment of transparency and collaborations.

Distinguished Attendees and Shared Commitments

The meeting was attended by key university management staff, including Prof. Osumanu I. Kanton, Mr. Abdul-Momeen Pantah, Mr. Abdulai Suglo, Mr. Desmond Y. Zineyele, and Mr. Fidelis Z. Tang. Accompanying Hon. Dr. Rashid were notable NDC party executives.

Looking Forward

As SDD-UBIDS continues to grow and define its place as a beacon of education and development in the region, the support from political leaders like Hon. Dr. Rashid Hassan Pelpuo is invaluable. This visit not only strengthens the ties between the University and local government but also reaffirms the community’s commitment to educational excellence and social progress.