On the 3rd of June, an exhibition program aimed at broadening the opportunity basket for final-year senior high school students was organized as part of the STARTRIGHT II put together by School of Thoughts Ghana in Walewale, Northeast Region.
Participating institutions, including the renowned SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (UBIDS), University of Mines and Technology (UMAT), University for Development Studies (UDS), and Heritage Christian University, diligently set up their pull-up banners, desks adorned with brochures, and other engaging materials. They were eager to showcase their offerings to the enthusiastic students.
The event was graced by esteemed individuals, including the North East Regional Minister, Mr. Yidana Zakaria, the Regional Director of Education, Mr. Simon Anane Amokase, the Chief Executive Officer of School of Thought Ghana, Mr. Abraham Agoni, and the Ghana Most Beautiful 2022 Winner, Ms. Tung Teiya Ayiha Dahamani. Their presence added an air of importance and excitement to the exhibition.
As students and special guests settled in their seats, the universities took center stage, showcasing their academic offerings and explaining the entry requirements for various programs. UBIDS, being a new public university established by the government, was proud to present its unique blend of business and integrated development studies. The UBIDS team passionately elucidated the prospects and opportunities available to students after completing their studies.
The exhibition program proved to be a resounding success, uniting universities, high school students, and the public in a single space. It provided a platform for interaction and dialogue, fostering a mutual understanding between the academic institutions and potential students.
By the end of the event, the STARTRIGHT II Exhibition program had undeniably achieved its purpose, thus it has successfully equipped students with newfound information and inspiration as necessary tools to make informed decisions about their academic futures. Click to view more photos