The SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD-UBIDS) is a public university established in 2020 by an ACT of Parliament (ACT 1001) to be an internationally acclaimed applied research and practically oriented educational institution, dedicated to teaching and research in business and integrated development studies. The University aims to provide higher education, undertake research and disseminate knowledge in the areas of business and integrated development studies and any other related fields. It is located in the Upper West Region of Ghana. SDD-UBIDS aims to empower individuals with knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable development, while embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity.


The Chancellor shall confer certificates, diplomas, degrees and honorary degrees in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Statutes and shall preside at any ceremony of the University at which he or she is present. Once every five years, the Chancellor shall appoint a visiting committee to inspect the work of the University and report to him or her. The Chancellor shall hold office for a term of five years and is eligible for re-appointment for another term only and shall be officially inducted into office at a special ceremony.

The position of Chancellor of SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies is vacant, and in accordance with the provisions of the University Statutes, Schedule H, the Governing Council of the University has taken steps to fill the vacant position. As prescribed in Schedule H (d) of the Statutes, the University Community and the Alumni Association are hereby requested to submit nominations for consideration by the Search Committee..


The University Community and the Alumni Association interested in submitting nominations should take note of the following:

  1. The person should be a Ghanaian;
  2. The person should have a successful track record in industry, diplomacy, academia, public service and non-governmental sector;
  3. The person should have a good and strong academic credentials;
  4. He or she should be able to attract funding and sponsorship to the University;
  5. He or she should have the ability to network both locally and internationally for the development of the University;
  6. The person should be able to conduct the business of the University with stakeholders;
  7. He or she should possess demonstrable ability in developing and maintaining effective corporate governance principles and practices;
  8. The nominee’s records, reputation, and aspirations should be in sync with the University’s mandate;
  9. The person should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  10. The nominee should be a person with a deep understanding of the challenges, needs, and opportunities of the University; and
  11. The nominee should be a person of integrity and of good social standing.


Leadership and Vision: Develop and articulate a compelling vision for SDD-UBIDS, and guiding the institution towards academic excellence, research innovation, business and integrated community development.

Academic Oversight: Ensure the highest standards of academic quality and integrity, fostering an environment conducive for teaching, learning, research and knowledge dissemination.

Research and Innovation: Promote and support research activities, encouraging faculty and students to engage in impactful and innovative projects.

Collaboration: Cultivate partnerships with government bodies, industry leaders, and international institutions to enhance SDD-UBIDS’s global standing.

Inclusivity and Diversity: Champion a culture of inclusivity, accountability, diversity, and equal opportunity at SDD-UBIDS.

Mobilization of Resources: Initiate steps towards mobilizing funds and other resources to support the expansion and enrichment of the University’s programmes and activities.


The University Community and the Alumni Association interested in submitting nominations should submit a dossier on the candidate as follows:

  1. Letter of consent of the candidate;
  2. Detailed Curriculum Vitae of the candidate, including three (3) referees reports;
  3. A vision statement of the candidate outlining how he/she will contribute to the growth and development of the University during his/her tenure as a Chancellor;
  4. Applications should be submitted in soft copies via email to:
  5. The application must be hand-delivered in a sealed envelope or by registered courier to the Registry of the University and signed for;
  6. Deadline for submission of all applications is Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 5.00pm.
  7. All applications should be addressed to the Chairperson of the Search Committee to the address below:

The Chairperson
Search Committee for Chancellor
C/O Office of the Registrar
P.O. Box WA 64 Bamahu, Wa,
Upper West Region, Ghana.